Samsung was doing a promotion and gave away a whole house worth of appliances (no I didn’t know about it, therefore, it was not me that won these fabulous prizes…well, that and I don’t have a house to put them in!!).

This is from one of my new favorite blogs – A Year of Slow Cooking. She’s the one I got my CrockPot Fried Chicken from – delish! Think of how much I could put in that thing!! Or this ::looks down:: washer & dryer. Laundry would be loads of fun!
Who says women don’t like anything with cords as presents?! (I think I get this from my mom, lol)

They gave away a new stove/microwave set and a dishwasher, but they weren’t as drool-worthy to me, so I’ll spare you the show’n’tell.

In other news, Erika has booked the three of us a trip to El Paso in late March/early April so I can meet Theresia, Rico’s grandmother. This will be my first trip to Texas (I drove through the panhandle of Texas on my way out here but that was it).

And, last but not least, 15 days til Hawaii, 6 days til my birthday and 25 days til Halloween/Mom & Bucky’s Anniversary! It’s a big month!