How insane is that? Another day for the record books. I’m actually kind of tired of this. But then again, I say that now, and I’ll be grumbling about the wet weather in the next month or two. I’m a hard woman to please, lol. Though, if you can wrap your head around this… Colorado Springs (and other places like Vail and Denver) had their first dusting of snow yesterday! I don’t know if that’s a sign of a crazy winter or not. Last winter, they (the Springs) didn’t have very much precipitation at all.

In other news, Rico had his first day back to school yesterday. He’s taking two classes this semester. He has a year and quarter left, including this quarter, until he completes his Associates Degree in Accounting (yay!).

Yesterday, I also began a new project. Payroll! Sounds exciting, huh? (Yeah I know – not really, for most of you! But whodathunk that with an English degree, I’d want to do accounting???) Holly, the current payroll gal, is having a baby in November so I will be taking over part of payroll duties (mainly hourly payroll; Joe will be doing the salary payroll) until she gets back.

Oh and who could forget… officially 30 days until ALOHA!!!

I caught this on my drive out last night…