I was in college, freshman year. I remember coming back to my dorm room to my roommate crying and the TV on, with one of the twin towers billowing smoke. I remember watching the second plane hit the 2nd tower and the pandemonium ensue after we began to realize that this wasn’t an accident and the terrorists weren’t finished. Then the reports of the attack on the Pentagon and the plane headed for the White House and the brave amazing people on that flight who stopped it from getting any further than that Pennsylvania field . 09/11/01 was such a horrible day for everyone in this country.
That day changed so much about the way we live now – the war in Iraq, the extra security at airports, what people feel is important. What amazed me about the following days though, was the solidarity that we felt with those around us. Coming together in the midst of a tragedy changed the way we saw each other.
Unfortunately, another fact stands out in my mind and that’s how many more lives were lost after the main attacks on 9/11. I think about the soldiers in Iraq (and all around the world) – those whose lives were lost and those who came home not quite whole – mentally and physically; those who are still over there fighting and protecting what we take for granted, even after that horrible day and especially now that the wounds have scarred over, the debris swept away and our lives moving forward.

THANK YOU… those words have never seemed so inadequate.