Some sad news…

Rico’s grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s last week and due to medical reasons, will need to live in an assisted living home. Theresia is such an independent woman, I know this is not going to be easy on her (I haven’t met her yet, but from talking to her on the phone, I know this to be true). She’s just in the beginning stages, so she is still able to make her own decisions and definitely has opinions on how she wants everything to be.

Erika is down with her now, helping her get adjusted and Rico is flying down next week to help pack up the house to get it ready to sell. He’ll be driving a U Haul back up here. He’s actually kind of excited about that part. He’s looking forward to the road trip on his own. He’s never seen the parts of the country he’ll be driving through.

It kind of reminds me of my cross country trip out here. I absolutely loved it. I kind of wish I had taken longer to do it but I was so anxious to get here and get settled, I drove as fast as my Xterra would carry me, with only a few stops (Grand Canyon, San Francisco and California coastal towns).
grand canyon 23Xterra at the grand canyon
cali coast 002cali coast 060
SF California 009

SF California 011 cali coast 007