We’re going camping at Cougar Flat in Wenatchee National Forest near Bumping Lake this Saturday. We decided to only do a 1-night trip just in case I don’t like camping all that much. This will be my first official camping trip (I’ve been told that sleeping out on the porch when I was young does NOT count, haha!). We still have to set up Rico’s tent and spray the water proof stuff on it and we have to shopping for the last minute stuff (like Marshmallows for Smores — because I will not go camping without Smores!!).

This past weekend, we went to the Renissance Faire (another first for me) with Amanda, Shane and her daughter. Here are a few pics:

Haha “Walk The Plank”

At least I know he’ll be entertaining for our kid!

We also saw The Time Traveller’s Wife on Sunday and I boohoo’d like a baby. I wasn’t really impressed with the book (too many weird things happen and it kind of made me over think it) but since I like Rachel McAdams, I wanted to see the movie. I definitely enjoyed the movie a lot better than the book. And Rico even admitted to tearing up too. So, if you go see it, bring tissues!

Hurricane Billy is in the Atlantic churning away. We’re here on the West Coast crossing our fingers that it doesn’t target the Carolina coast. A hurricane before Labor Day (or anytime really) would throw both Mom and Bucky’s business’s off-track for the season. We all need the help this year (even if it is only cooperating weather) with the economy the way it is. So, here’s to hurricanes fizzling out and not coming anywhere near the East Coast!