So a reminder that this awesome weather is not here to stay appeared in my mailbox yesterday. Apparently the dam near us has been progressively getting worse and was reevaluated recently. They mailed out notices to people within a 50 mile range (we’re around 30 miles) that there may be a dam break this fall/winter when we get our notoriously wet weather and that we would have about a 7hr warning when it finally does break to get the hell out of dodge. We luckily are up on the Muckleshoot hill so I’m not worried about it too much. If we flood, then the whole Auburn valley will be gone and we’ll have a new lake view.

Last year, I was at Jess’s house babysitting when the river in Fife started to overflow its banks. Havoc ensued and the towns near the river were evacuated. It didn’t end up over the high way so we got lucky. I expect something similar to happen this year since something crazy with the weather has happened every year since I’ve been here – I’ve been here 3 1/2 years now. The 1st year it was a 4 day power outage due to the wind and everything in my fridge and freezer was spoiled. 2nd year, I got stuck in a snow storm, heading up to Rico’s work. My windshield wipers stopped working so in addition to sliding down hills (I was in my Xterra), I had to drive leaning sideways so I could see through partial windshield where the other wiper was working. Yeah…not easy judging how much gas and break to give the road in that position. Last year was the near river flooding. Maybe I’m just not meant for this state… come on, Rico, we’re moving before the next wild weather incident!!!