No puppy for us:-( At least not yet…

We had a serious talk and decided that moving to an apartment/house just for a puppy isn’t the smartest thing we could do right now. Not only would it stretch our finances even more, it wouldn’t be very healthy for the puppy either. Since we both work 8-10 hours a day, coming home to let the dog out just isn’t practical. And winters here in Washington suck, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving them outside for that amount of time. Boo! So, we tentatively decided that maybe when I get pregnant and have the baby, we could looking into getting a puppy so the baby and the puppy could grow up together.

But the good news is, since we won’t be getting a puppy anytime soon, we can continue to pay off our credit card debt from the wedding. Eh, win, win, I guess. Yeah, yeah, the responsible adult thing to do and all that jazz. But that also means, possibly, that we’ll be able to save a little faster and put that extra $ towards buying a place in Colorado! Sometimes, I just wish we could pack up and go, kind of like I did when I moved here. I can’t complain, look how that road trip turned out (I met and married Rico by moving out here!!).

On the school end, Rico is starting his last year of school this quarter in September. I’m so proud of him for pushing himself through this. I know it’s not easy going to work full time and school full time. I went to school and worked part time and I hated it, so I can only imagine what he’s going through.

This weekend, we got to spend some time with Rico’s mom, before she heads down to Texas for a couple of weeks to see her mom. We saw the new GI Joe movie (pretty good movie) and had dinner at Applebees (one of the worst dinners I’ve had in a long time!). I ordered the steak and portobello plate. The potatoes were soggy and the steak tasted charred even though it wasn’t. It tasted like they hadn’t cleaned the grill from before and whatever they were cooking before mine got burnt. Yuck! The best part of the meal, sadly, was the broccoli!