Well, August is off and running!

The concert Saturday night was ok…the idea was cooler than the actual concert – 5 bands coming together to play at a major city stadium in a 7hr concert. Yeah well, I was cheap and I bought the che
apest tickets available, which were nosebleeds. But what I didn’t take into consideration was the fact that Qwest Field is known for it’s noise level (there’s speculation that they pipe in the noise during football games so the opposing team gets distracted – but from what I can tell, it’s just the dome like coverings echoing). So basically, after waiting outside the stadium for 2 hrs (we came early because we didn’t know what parking would be like and the last time we were there, the parking nazi’s were charging $50 a car!!), we get inside and can’t hear anything. Granted, I knew most of the songs by the bands so I could pretty much figure out what the song was by lipreading the big screen on the side of the stage, but Rico, the poor guy got the first 3 words of the songs and then rest just bounced off the roof above us. We actually left after seeing Sugarland and didn’t stay for Kenny Chesney (oh the shame!). I think the most fun we had though was people watching and seeing how far people would make up the stairs before huffing and puffing and taking a break before heading up past us to the higher level seats. We were kind of half way up the highest riser. A true testiment to how out of shape we all actually are.

On Friday, we rearranged the living room somewhat and have come to the conclusion that our sofa is just too damn big. Since it’s a sectional, it has it’s metal attachments on the front pieces where the other sections connect, so when you disconnect them, all we see is bright shiny chrome metal against the dark brown couch. So the sectional is still a sectional and the only real difference in the room is we moved the extra chair to the garage (which we, by the way, cleaned out and donated most of our crap to GoodWill or the garbage cans!). AND, we didn’t kill each other – I’m very proud of us!

Sunday, we slept in a little bit, I made Rico breakfast in bed of scrambled eggs and ham with a bagel. We went to a local park (I think it’s a school team park because there were all these abandoned soccer goals but nobody on the field at all) and tossed around a Nerf football and the ball that you catch with the tubular scoop — I have no clue what it’s called! — to get a little bit of sun.